Two-tier chandelier in gold, with beige lampshades A4090/8+4 FG/WT


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In order to illuminate the room, a person uses windows, shiny surfaces and artificial lighting. Depending on the place of attachment, they are divided into floor, table, wall and ceiling. It is the ceiling devices that are indispensable attributes of every living space. If other devices can be replaced by type, then the ceiling chandelier is irreplaceable and mandatory. The ceiling chandelier is located in the center of the room, so it attracts attention. And it is she who often becomes the central decoration of every room.
A two-tiered chandelier with a metal base decorated with gold. Golden horns emerge from the base and raise up 12 lamps – 8 on the lower and 4 on the upper tier. Each lamp is hidden in an open textile lampshade of light beige color with decorative folds. The combination of beige and gold creates a harmony of warmth and coziness. On the suspension there is an amazing trunk made of metal and glass balls, which, like a fairy-tale amphora, collects a golden glow. It is as if the light itself flows from the ceiling and reflects repeatedly in the balls. A chandelier will decorate any interior and add warmth, coziness and fresh elegance to it.


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