Chandelier with lampshades in chrome smaller 4090/6 CR


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Number of blobs



62 cm


62 cm





Blob type

E 27


40 W




A ceiling chandelier is the central lighting device of every room. It is around it that the general lighting scheme is built. Since the chandelier also attracts a lot of attention, it can bring a special charm to the room, create a mood and emphasize the general style.
The exquisite chandelier of the 4090 series will bring tenderness and lightness to the room. The metal base is decorated in silver chrome. Thanks to this, the chandelier looks delicate and elegant, it makes the space more fresh and light. The suspension is finished with a luxurious trunk made of metal and glass balls. Each ball plays with reflections from all light sources into the room, enhancing the overall illumination and beauty of the structure. Like a huge vessel that absorbs all the light in order to spread it around the room in case of a need. Curved horns emerge from the base, each of which holds up one of six lamps. Each lamp is surrounded by a delicate white textile shade. The shades are open from above and below, thanks to which the chandelier gives a lot of light, does not dazzle the eyes and creates a cozy atmosphere. The chandelier spreads soft white light and coziness both in the living room and in the premises of other directions.


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