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Since ancient times, the main and most important piece of furniture is a chandelier. In ancient times, only wealthy people could afford a decorative chandelier. Nowadays, buying a lamp is not a problem, but choosing the one that will meet only your wishes is not an easy task.

By visiting our online store “ Rainbow “, you can be sure that a team of professionals will help in solving the tasks. 15 years of experience in the Ukrainian market, a wide range of lamps presented, an individual approach to each client and thousands of satisfied customers are a guarantee of successful cooperation. You can be sure that by contacting us, you will find exactly the chandelier, sconce, table lamp or floor lamp you are looking for. An individual approach to each client ensures that all your wishes will not be ignored.

To buy a chandelier in Kiev without leaving your home or office is a reality today. It is enough to choose the model you like by visiting the sections of our “Rainbow” online store:

Convenient navigation, the presence of a variety of classifiers and filters, will speed up your search. And by contacting us by contact phone, you will receive comprehensive information on all your questions.

Among the variety of chandeliers, Crystal chandelier occupies a special place, which is rightfully considered the queen of chandeliers … In the old days, only the wealthiest people could afford such a luxury as a crystal chandelier. Nowadays, the cost of crystal chandeliers has become more democratic, so almost everyone can buy such a chandelier. Earlier, crystal chandeliers used exclusively classic pendants, mostly hand-cut, which significantly increased the time for the production of the product. Today, thanks to new cutting technologies, the quality of the pendant has improved significantly, and since manual labor has been replaced by machine tools, the cost of finished products has become more democratic. The color range of the pendants used has also significantly expanded, which has brought a unique charm to the classic models. The crystal chandelier in our online store “Rainbow” is presented in a variety of shapes and sizes. For low ceilings, we offer crystal ceiling chandeliers , which, due to their low height, will fit into any room, while visually expanding the space. For connoisseurs of the classics, we are ready to offer many models of pendant crystal chandeliers , and the use of the latest forms of pendants, made in new colors , give a truly unique effect.

Taking into account the different ceiling heights, area and purpose of the premises, we made sure that the range of our store meets the needs of our customers as much as possible. Among more than 3000 lamps, there is one that will give you light and comfort in your home for many years.

So, for apartments with a ceiling of 2 m 40 cm, we have a wide range of Ceiling chandeliers and Spotlights < / strong>.

For apartments and houses with a ceiling height of 2 m 80 cm Horn chandeliers , Crystal chandeliers , Hangers , Chandeliers with caps , Chandeliers with lampshade and Chandeliers with shades .

are used as a “second light”, as well as for ceilings with heights above 3.5 m Large chandeliers .

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Podobrat’ svetil’niki na stenu, mozhno posetiv razdel nashego internet-magazin”Rainbow ” – Bra. Na segodnyashniy den’, bra ispol’zuyutsya ne tol’ko kak chast’ dekorativnogo ansamblya, no i kak nezavisimyye elementy dekora. S pomoshch’yu razdela Nastol’nyye lampy, Vy naydete Svoyu nastol’nuyu lampu, kotoraya ideal’no vpishetsya v Vash inter’yer. My pozabotilis’ o tom, chtoby naiboleye populyarnyye serii svetil’nikov byli dopolneny nastol’nymi lampami. Pri vybore svetil’nika, neobkhodimo uchityvat’ ryad parametrov, takikh, kak vysota potolka, ploshchad’ pomeshcheniya, nalichiye dopolnitel’nogo osveshcheniya i t.d. Pozvoniv nashemu menedzheru, Vy poluchite professional’nuyu konsul’tatsiyu, kotoraya pomozhet Vam sushchestvenno sokratit’ vremya podbora svetil’nika. Obratite vnimaniye, chto dlya udobstva, vysota lyustr v nashem magazine, ukazana minimal’no vozmozhnaya. Otnositel’no vsekh interesuyushchikh kharakteristik, poluchit’ podrobnuyu konsul’tatsiyu vozmozhno, pozvoniv po telefonam, ukazannym v razdele”Kontakty“.
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You can choose lamps for the wall by visiting the section of our online store “Rainbow” – Sconce . Today, sconces are used not only as part of a decorative ensemble, but also as independent decorative elements.

Using the section Table lamps , you will find Your table lamp, which fits perfectly into your interior. We have made sure that the most popular series of luminaires are complemented by table lamps.

When choosing a luminaire, it is necessary to take into account a number of parameters, such as the height of the ceiling, the area of ​​the room, the presence of additional lighting, etc. By calling our manager, you will receive professional advice that will help you significantly reduce the time for selecting a lamp.

Please note that for convenience, the height of the chandeliers in our store, the minimum possible is indicated. For all the characteristics of interest, you can get detailed advice by calling the phones listed in the section “ Contacts “.