Large crystal chandelier chrome 4355/800 CR


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Number of blobs



45 см


80 cm





Blob type

E 14


40 W




A beautiful ceiling chandelier is the key to an elegant look in any room. A classic elegant lighting device is a crystal chandelier. Large and elegant, it scatters lighting with bright sparkles throughout the room, illuminating even the farthest nooks and crannies. The chandelier is made under chrome, thanks to which its light is silvery and cool, gently illuminates the room and harmoniously shades cool tones.
The base of the chandelier consists of three silver metal rings, on which small crystal faces are placed in two circles. A relief pattern is carved on each face, which increases the number of faces and, accordingly, glare. This creates a tall crystal lampshade, multiplying the illumination from the interior lights. Inside the crystal ring there are 16 lamps stylized as candles in silver candle holders. The crystal chandelier from Poman is designed to decorate a cozy home interior and create a fairy tale atmosphere. The series also includes models under gold and with other diameters. Such a model will decorate even a large and extremely luxurious room. As an addition to it, or for spot lighting of certain areas, crystal wall sconces are perfect.


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