Crystal chandelier in lampshade small gold 4355/500 GD


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E 14


40 W




The unique lighting of each room creates a unique interior that is memorable to everyone.
An elegant crystal chandelier can not only decorate any room or hall, but also become a bright source of mood and positive energy in it. A luxurious crystal chandelier, decorated with gold, spreads bright golden reflections of cheerful warm light around. Metal base circles hold 2 layers of crystal elements. Each element has a relief decoration and is divided into several faces. This chandelier gives a lot of light and additionally creates a lot of reflections, thanks to which even the most remote corners of the room are illuminated. The diameter of the chandelier is 50 cm, allowing it to fully illuminate a medium-sized room. However, a large hall or living room may require additional lighting in the form of another chandelier from the same series, wall sconces with crystal shades or a stylish floor lamp in a warm gold finish. 10 lamps are hidden under the crystal plates, each stylized as a candle and located on a golden stand. A small crystal chandelier on a chain will be the highlight that is so important to place in every interior to create the right atmosphere.


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