Crystal chandelier in chrome 4274/600 CR


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A ceiling chandelier with crystal small elements can become not only a bright source of light, but also a magnificent decorative element for a warm and cozy interior. Such a chandelier is the first thing that catches your eye upon entering the room. The crystal chandelier has a diameter of 60 cm and is able to illuminate even a sufficiently large area. Separate elongated thin elements are arranged in several layers, scattering the internal lighting from the lamps into many multi-colored thin rays. Each element has a triangular shape, and therefore 3 separate polished faces, which sparkle with light of different colors and significantly increase the overall illumination. Each crystal element of the outer circle is surrounded by a metal contour decorated with chrome. Being at different heights and at different angles, they appear narrow and wide, long and short. Such variety creates the illusion of chaos and amazing movement of light spots. The unusual grandeur of the chrome circle of cool light hanging over the room, like a cloud of light trying to reach every corner of the room. The chandelier is perfectly combined with the 4275 and 4276 series wall sconce crystal lamps to create a harmonious complex lighting.


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