Ceiling chandelier LED for 3 lighting modes small 4583/4


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92 cm


32 см

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40 W






A chandelier with an unusual, original shape will be a great way to light up a room. The base of the chandelier is made in the shape of a cross, where the lamps are spaced in different directions on long holders. This gives a wide illuminated field and makes the chandelier visually light and fragile. Of the four llamas, 2 are placed in flat circular shades, and 2 are placed as open circles. Rings of different structures and sizes add originality and eccentricity to the whole design. The originality of the design is complemented by the multi-colored design of the base. This allows you to harmoniously fit the chandelier into the light interior or light with brightly decorated areas. Also, the chandelier will look good next to dark or light curtains in warm colors. The matte golden shine of the rings when the light is turned on creates the charm of a burning light horizon that fascinates and intrigues, as if inviting unusual events to begin.
The LED chandelier has 3 lighting modes, thanks to which it is possible to create lighting that corresponds to the mood in each separate period of time. A gloomy morning will become bright and active, a sleepy afternoon on a rainy day can turn into a fun lunch, and a dull evening into a mysterious adventure or a majestic romantic palace.


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