Chandelier made of glass and metal, in the form of scales 60 cm


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An original ceiling chandelier adds coziness to every room. It seems to represent the efforts that the designers put into decorating the room. A bright and unusual shape can bring an unforgettable highlight, unique and extraordinary to the interior. It is precisely its appearance that convinces a person to choose this or that chandelier. Designer chandeliers are a special niche, they are chosen by those who love to be the leader of opinions or to be in the center of attention.
The luxurious chandelier on a metal chain pendant has a classic round base and is finished in gold. A layer of glass suspensions is placed on the base with four steps in a circle. The chandelier has 4 such circles, and they are placed one in the middle of the other, as if the chandelier is shrinking, flowing down. Each pendant has the shape and pronounced relief pattern of scales. The suspensions partially cover each other and complement the impression. In addition, they have different colors: transparent glass looks like silver, white matte and translucent black. The alternation of colored pendants creates an amazing illusion of beauty and movement. Such a chandelier will perfectly decorate the interior of classic and modern styles, emphasize dark and light areas, illuminate the room with multi-colored reflections and fill it with a good mood.


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