Chandelier “Golden Branch” with glass pendants 4646/D800 Oxidized gold+crystal clear


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An interesting unusual chandelier made in the form of a branch braided into a ring. From the large branch-base, small branches-appendages spread in a circle in all directions. Some twigs stretching into the middle of the base circle gradually grow into a plinth carrying light sources – lamps. The golden color gives the chandelier even more brightness and luxury.

Around the circle, this crown of light is decorated with large glass pendants, resembling single maple earrings, not torn from the tree by the autumn wind and frozen in the glass of this composition. The splendor of the materials and the high skill of the performers have been embodied in this wonderful example of the 4646 series by the Poman manufacturer – luxurious and unique in beauty, which can be used not only in the living room, study or bedroom, but also in the lobby of a large hotel or even a hotel room.

The series also includes a round chandelier with a diameter of 100 cm and a chandelier made in the form of a straight branch with a length of 120 cm.


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