Chandelier “Golden branch” with glass pendants 4646/L1200 Oxidized gold+crystal clear


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The decorative preferences of the past and the calm atmosphere of the world of the slowed-down rhythms of our ancestors’ lives are brought into the interiors by lamps, in the compositions of which a combination of modern extraordinary solutions of the designer and elements of antiquity can be seen.

Just such a lamp from the manufacturer Poman, made in the form of a long single branch with small young shoots that rarely cover its perimeter. Large glass pendants hang from its thin branches, which complement this design solution with originality.

The whole branch composition with glass ornaments resembles a kind of small fireplace, where the glass ornaments are tongues of flame that flare up with new bright colors when the chandelier lights up. All the colors of the rainbow happily play in the pendants of the chandelier, making this majestic flame even brighter and more amazing. And the golden color gives the chandelier even more brightness, as if adding oil to the flame. With its appearance, this lamp of the 4646 series by the Poman manufacturer causes admiration and takes one’s breath away. Thanks to this, it can be used in the living room, study, bedroom, and even in the lobby of a large hotel or hotel room.

The series also includes round chandeliers with a diameter of 80 and 100 cm.


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