Large glass flake chandelier D1000


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EN Numerical techniques and methods are used to create the desired atmosphere in the room. One of the main ways to add special comfort to the interior is the use of designer lighting devices. A large ceiling chandelier with a unique design can create a unique atmosphere of beauty and well-being in the room.

The chandelier has a classic round base shape and 4 tiers suspended on a long pendant chain. The base of the chandelier is decorated with gold and decorated with numerous glass pendants. Some of them have a matte white color, others are transparent without color – they look like silver, the rest are dark. This combination creates a unique game of colors and reflections, thanks to which the chandelier will fit perfectly into the interior of light and dark colors, into the modern decoration of the room with a lot of shiny elements or pastel tones. Each pendant has the shape of a huge scale and a noticeable relief pattern. As if the chandelier covered itself with a protective layer, hiding its secret under an incredible appearance. Each subsequent tier is smaller than the previous one, which makes the chandelier seem long and slender. A wall lamp of white, dark or transparent glass with natural patterns is perfect for a chandelier.


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