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Unusual lighting devices are used not only to illuminate the room, but also to decorate it. Floor lamps make the room cozier and more comfortable, creating a place to restore mental balance, a place of peace and beauty. A floor lamp is most often installed near armchairs or sofas, comfortable chairs or a favorite place of rest.
The unusual shape and special design make the floor lamp an amazing highlight of the interior. The floor lamp is conventionally divided into two parts. The lower one is a small ornate wooden table with a round table top. Its three thin support legs are almost invisible, as if the tabletop is floating in the air by itself. The upper part of the floor lamp comes from the middle of the table and goes towards the large open lampshade. A textile lampshade is able to create that unique coziness that only textile things can achieve, with a warm taste of family love. The black color of the base favorably emphasizes the light brown tones of the lampshade and tabletop. In bright light, the rack is very clearly visible, at dusk, the base of the floor lamp is not visible when it is turned off, as if the lampshade is floating in the air, waiting for it to be turned on. The harmonious composition of the floor lamp will be an elegant decoration of every cozy interior.


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