Floor lamp LOFT with shade white 564/F WT


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Floor lamps are often used for additional lighting in the room. This is a tall lighting device that not only illuminates a certain area in the room, but also serves as its decoration and adds coziness. Having a high stand, the floor lamp is able to illuminate a large enough area for work or rest, leaving the rest of the room in pleasant comfort. This is convenient for a room where more than one person lives or is often present, because it makes it possible to light exactly where it is convenient for everyone and exactly in the way that it is convenient for everyone.
The 564 series floor lamp has a slim, elegant base with a movable joint. This allows you to adjust the angle of inclination of the upper knee to expose the optimal lighting of each specific zone. Under the light of such a floor lamp, you can sit comfortably on your favorite sofa or chair with a book, goodies or your favorite hobby. The white, tall, slender base made of stone is heavy and takes up little space, so the floor lamp can be installed even in a small free area and you don’t have to worry about its flow. The closed round shade of frosted glass gives a soft diffused light. Decorated in white, the floor lamp significantly refreshes the general appearance of the room and becomes its delicate decoration.


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