White metal floor lamp 4144/1F WT


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A floor lighting device is able not only to illuminate the room, but also to create the necessary atmosphere in it. Floor lamps are convenient because they do not require a separate place on the work surface of the table, do not require additional fastening and are easily moved from place to place if necessary. It is enough just to connect the power supply and allocate some unoccupied space on the floor in order to get light and comfort from the floor lamp.
Model 4144 is an elegant metal structure in white color. The wide flat base provides stability and reliability, and the thin racks make the structure weightless, light, as if transparent. This allows it to fit nicely into twisted interiors of light tones. One rack is straight, the other is bent, thanks to which the ceiling lights are placed at two heights and illuminate a larger area. The white metal lampshades have a strange shape, as if the light was caught and wrapped in a white sheet of paper. The rack ends with a metal ring that seems to squeeze the sheet with the light inside. This shape looks elegant and delicate, so it is perfect for decorating and lighting rest areas. A two-level floor lamp will be placed nicely next to an armchair or a sofa and will give the room elegance and convenience.


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