Floor lamp with shade gray 3963/1F GW


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Room lighting is simply a necessary condition for extending the daylight hours. In addition, this is an opportunity to advantageously emphasize the uniqueness of the room, its stylistic decoration, features of the arrangement. They usually try to illuminate the entire room with a large ceiling chandelier. It is possible to arrange partial lighting with the help of spot, table or floor lamps – this is a wish for convenience, but it is so desirable.
Floor lamps disappear and reappear as a tribute to fashion every few years. Whatever their appearance, such a device is always convenient and relevant. Its light makes it possible to organize a small resting place in the room. It is a night lamp, partial lighting of the room, and a means of illuminating a place for small work or hobbies.
The original shape of the floor lamp makes it a good decoration of the room. The triangular flat base is emphasized by a triangular open textile lampshade. This creates a special touch, unique and unusual. The slim black base is advantageously emphasized by the graphite-gray color of the lampshade. The floor lamp is almost invisible in the room at dusk and stands out brightly among other objects during the day.


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