Floor lamp “Fishing Rod” telescopic with a rotating shade, in satin


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The elegant and stylish “Udochka” floor lamp was created by the manufacturer Poman for selective illumination of home and work spaces or their individual parts. Using a floor lamp, you can advantageously illuminate individual interior items or areas of the interior. It can be so nice and cozy to sit down with a book or handicraft in your favorite chair, or wrap yourself up in a blanket with your pet on the sofa or floor, while the rest of the room lurks in the soothing twilight. This is an undeniable advantage for small and very small rooms that require additional zoning.

The wide shade provides enough light to avoid the need for additional sources, and the shiny metal surface creates additional glare, adding coziness. The telescopic stand allows you to vary the area of maximum illumination without moving the floor lamp itself. The metal stand is flexible and durable, and the heavy stone base provides stability. The reliability of the design goes well with the fragile appearance.
Made in high-tech style, the floor lamp takes up little space and will equally harmoniously fit into the business interior of a large office or the modern style of a small living room.


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