Large chandelier with white lampshades 3960/10 WT


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A ceiling chandelier, as an indispensable attribute of every room, is its bright highlight. It creates a special mood, emphasizes the general style of the room and its purpose. A ceiling chandelier can give the room that touch that will make the interior unique, bright and stylish, because it is located in the center of the ceiling and attracts attention.
An extraordinary large ceiling chandelier with 10 shades is suitable for both residential premises and public places. Textile shades are sophistication and amazing coziness. Open from the bottom and top, these shades provide a lot of light and do not dazzle the eyes of visitors. Each lampshade is attached to the ceiling with a thin metal cable and is connected to the round base with a wide white wire. It creates an amazing picture of deliberate chaos and sloppiness. The white structure is large, but seems airy and almost weightless, thanks to which it does not burden the overall appearance of the room. The metal base in combination with textiles gives a wide opportunity to combine with different styles and color solutions of interiors.


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