Floor lamp crystal copper 4292/1F COF


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Number of blobs



brushed copper



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E 14


40 W




There are lighting devices in every room. Their appearance, type and style of decoration play a huge role in shaping the stylistic content of the entire room. Choose this style depending on the appearance, desired style, color solution and many other factors. A floor lamp is not a necessary lighting device, but it is convenient and stylish, so it does not lose its popularity. Installed next to your favorite chair or sofa, a floor lamp can turn a part of the room into a cozy corner for relaxing after a working day or a place to do your favorite thing.
The bright floor lamp of the 4292 series from Poman is created like a piece of an elegant ceiling chandelier. Elongated crystal elements are arranged in concentric, decreasing circles. Each crystal element is an elongated triangle of smooth, transparent crystal. Such elements significantly amplify the light, disperse it and make it play with different colors. The upper part of the crystal elements is covered with a metal lampshade that seems to embrace the crystal icicles. Such a floor lamp, decorated in bronze, will create a unique cozy atmosphere in a bedroom, living room or even a study.


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