Crystal sconce in a copper case 4292/1w-H320 COF


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In order to create the most comfortable atmosphere in the room, it has to be lit. By placing lighting devices, a person creates a certain light pattern of the room, separating zones for rest or work, more and less lit areas. One of the common methods of creating a separate illuminated area is the use of spot lamps – wall or table.
Wall sconces are a constant source of lighting, which is mainly used in a favorite corner, above a chair, bed or table.
A crystal sconce made of several layers of separate elements is like a magical waterfall of light flowing from the wall and gently enveloping the surrounding space. The lower layers are made of separate glass elements. Each element is an elongated faceted triangle that scatters bright sparkles of light around it. The upper layer of the sconce is made of metal, which seems to embrace each lens, trying not to let it fall out of the general layer. The deliberate unevenness of the metal case adds unusualness and sophistication to the sconce. To create maximum harmony, the series also includes ceiling chandeliers of different diameters, sconces and even floor lamps in different metal colors.


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