Crystal wall lamp in gold right 30592/2w FG


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Small in size, but majestic in appearance, the wall lamp is able to turn a semi-darkened part of the room into a comfortable, cozy corner in which you can rest or work, take a nap in solitude or gather in large noisy companies. Located on a vertical surface, the wall sconce does not take up much space, but gives a lot of light.
Like a ray of real sun, the sconce next to the wall shines, creating beauty and coziness. Chains made of convex crystal elements were placed around the two lamps along the solid wall. Each element is faceted, thanks to which a large number of reflected glimmers are created. The bottom of each chain is a faceted crystal ball. They seem to go down, rolling in a spiral. It is as if the swirling golden rain falls on a small area near the wall and does not reach the floor.. The golden base adds a warm yellow color to the light, thanks to which the whole room seems to be immersed in light.. With such a sconce, your room will never be boring.


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