Wall lamp with transparent glass in chrome 4277/2w CR


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The elegant appearance of the room is provided by the arrangement of furniture, accessories, various devices and color decoration. To a large extent, this is also achieved due to proper lighting. Wall sconces are mainly used as additional lighting of selected areas of the room. For example, above your favorite chair or armchair. In a large room, it will be appropriate to place several wall lamps above your favorite areas or at some distance from each other.
The wall sconce from Poman is created as if it were a reflection of itself. Across is a round base decorated with chrome. It contains sufficiently large holes, each hole holds a rough crystal stick. Elongated rounded elements are arranged in a circle, enveloping the lamps as a light source. The neat elongated ceiling is divided in the center, which makes you think about the reality or illusory of its lower part. The lower lamp is located exactly under the upper one, like a reflection. Like a slender source of luxurious light, this sconce decorates its area in the room. Crystal elements are reliable, bright, durable and do not require specialized care.


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