Candle wall lamp with crystal pendant 4094/1w


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Wall-mounted lighting devices, as descendants of ancient torches that illuminated the path of primitive man in caves, are sure to accompany him throughout history. With the advent of technologies and materials, they became more and more safe and refined, acquired new forms and images.
Small wall sconces are often used to illuminate long darkened corridors, nooks and crannies, rooms of complex shape or simply wall spaces. Wall lamp 4094 is unique and extraordinary. Made of metal in the color of antique bronze, it seems to have come from distant ages to illuminate your home with its radiance. Like an old metal watering can, in the upper part of which there is a burning candle, and the flowing wax collects in a large crystal drop under the base of the sconce. The stylish, laconic form seems to be verified in every millimeter, in every slope or line. Such a sconce can illuminate the working space, create an unforgettable atmosphere in a stylish cafe or exhibition hall, turn a bedroom into a fabulous vintage boudoir. Copper color combines well with brown and beige colors in the interior, adds coziness and warmth.


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