Clear glass sconce with twist, in gold


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Number of blobs



40 cm


10 cm

Removal from the wall

15 см





Blob type

E 14


40 W




Creating the necessary lighting in the room is one of the prerequisites for a person’s comfortable stay in it. The decoration and appearance of each lighting device can create the mood that is needed in this particular room. Wall sconce 4278, decorated in golden colors, will become an elegant decoration of every room. At the same time, the lamp has many metal elements, thanks to which it looks very modern and will advantageously emphasize the shiny details of the interior.
From the outside, the sconce looks like a magical device pulled from the laboratory of a mad scientist. Something extremely important, unusual, unknown before is stored in the middle. The upper and lower parts of the lampshade are encased in gold-plated metal and fixed on a golden rectangular base. The caps of the base include separate elements that form a single transparent ceiling. A layer of rough polished glass tubes acts as a ceiling. Elongated tubes easily transmit light and additionally create light reflections on their entire surface. Such a sconce creates a sufficiently large light spot in the room, which can provide an opportunity to comfortably read your favorite book or watch a movie.


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