Wall lamp Sconce “Butterfly” 4769/1w L


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Wall lamps are a special kind of lighting devices. They are not created to illuminate a large area and are often used as night lights. The unusual shape of such lamps is their main advantage. It is the appearance of the wall sconce that helps it create an unforgettable impression on everyone who visits the room or wishes to rest in it.
Bright small lamps in the shape of butterflies can turn a boring recreation area into a magical lawn, where heat and summer reign, magical butterflies flutter and wild flowers spread aromas. The metal base has the shape of a real butterfly body, as if it were cast from gold. Large translucent glass wings add lightness and unusualness. An amazingly beautiful animal pattern spreads along the wings, which makes the appearance of the lamp more natural. The wall lamp has a round golden mount on which a butterfly has landed. Light spreads between its wings, like a source of heat, which attracts a reckless insect to itself. A combination of several wall lamps, or their composition with a ceiling chandelier or a table lamp from the same series, looks harmonious. A whole swarm of butterflies can create spring indoors.


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