Clear glass sconce with twist, chrome


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Number of blobs



40 cm


10 cm

Removal from the wall

15 см





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E 14


40 W




A beautiful sconce can give a room a certain coziness, make its decoration more thoughtful and comfortable. Wall lamps are used as the main lighting device only in long dark corridors or nooks and crannies. In the vast majority, wall sconces are used as additional lighting. They create certain areas of greater illumination. These can be areas for work or rest, games or evening conversations. The appearance of such a sconce is designed to emphasize the style of the room decoration and the touches present in it.
Wall sconce 4278 is decorated with chrome and has a transparent glass shade. This ceiling consists of a number of rough transparent sticks fixed in the upper and lower parts with metal nozzles. From the outside, this design looks like a magic flask from an unknown laboratory. She was stolen in order to present the secret hidden in her. Something incredible glows inside, trying to come out and illuminate everything around. Two lamps are placed above and below. Thanks to which it seems that the light spreads through the inner bulb. Transparent glass and straight contour lines allow sconces to fit into modern interiors, emphasizing their shiny elements.


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