Chandelier with shades chrome small 4096/3 CR


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Modern trends in lighting include both simple bright and whimsical dreamy forms of devices. These can be simple forms, strict, with a bright curiosity, intricate, even extremely complex in structure. They can belong to different styles, trends, even eras. One such composition is the 4096 series chandelier from Poman. Behind the apparent external simplicity hides a complex, refined structure and a vivid embodiment of a special vision of light.
The base of the chandelier consists of two connected metal circles covered with chrome, thanks to which the chandelier sparkles not only with the main, but also with the reflected light. Massive metal supports rise from the base and expand under the ceiling itself. The chandelier contains 3 double two-layer shades. White matte acrylic inside transparent tall glass – as if the light from the lamp itself spreads through the lampshade and passes into the surrounding space, bypassing the transparent glass lampshade. The middle part of the chandelier is decorated with curved flat ribbons covered with chrome. For large rooms with a complex layout, where the lighting of this chandelier is not enough, it can be supplemented with wall sconces or choose a chandelier from this series with more lamps.


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