Chandelier “Golden branch” with glass pendants 4646/D1000 Oxidized gold+crystal clear


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A person is comfortable in a room not only convenient for every task, but also in a room that is well and timely lit. Large ceiling chandeliers are used to illuminate the premises, and small devices on the walls, floor, or any other surface are used as additional lighting. To emphasize a special mood, uniqueness and sophistication, a ceiling chandelier is chosen, which maximally emphasizes the features of the room’s decoration and its mood.
A large chandelier with a round base is decorated with gold. Exquisite branches, as if they grew in the air and covered themselves with a layer of gold to keep as much light as possible. Instead of leaves, there are elongated glass drops on the branches, as if filled with a heavy frozen light, which pulls each drop down to enlarge the space illuminated by the chandelier. Having a diameter of 100 cm, the fabulous composition of twigs and glass is able to illuminate a fairly large space, giving it a unique and stylish look, combining elements of naturalism and artificiality, extraordinary and classic. An exquisite and unusual chandelier is beautifully combined with glass, transparent and golden elements in the interior.

Venice is considered the birthplace of glass chandeliers. Traditional Venetian chandeliers were bundles of glass stems growing from a glass cup. Glass flowers and leaves of delicate work were attached to them, which served as candlesticks.

This specimen of the Poman manufacturer is made in the form of a branch braided into a ring. The whole structure of intertwined branches resembles a kind of extraordinary glowing crown, decorated with large drops of glass hanging from its thin branches. The pendants slightly cover the lamps, which are neatly, as it were, woven into the inner circle of the structure. When you look at this chandelier, it inspires admiration, all the colors of the rainbow play so joyfully in the pendants of the chandeliers that you immediately think of diamonds, it looks so much. And the golden color gives the chandelier even greater brightness and luxury.

Due to the fact that the Poman series 4646 model attracts admiring glances with its appearance, it can be used not only in the living room, study or bedroom, but also in the lobby of a large hotel or even a hotel room.

The series also includes a round chandelier with a diameter of 80 cm and a chandelier made in the form of a straight branch with a length of 120 cm.


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