Round bulb chandelier in a gold body and transparent glass 45 cm


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Number of blobs



40 см


45 cm





Blob type

E 14


40 W




It is difficult to imagine a modern room without a large ceiling chandelier. They are a priori located in the central part of the ceiling of each room. Exceptions are industrial or public premises, where it is necessary to create a large number of equal places for different people. The vast majority of rooms are decorated with a central ceiling chandelier, the choice of which is mostly determined by the stylistic and functional decoration of the room.
A stylish and unusual chandelier with a metal base will easily illuminate the living room and add beauty and luxury to it. Decorated with gold, it will bring warmth and luxury to the interior. The metal circles of the base hold a layer of large transparent glass rectangles. Each rectangle has bevels on each side. Thanks to such a structure, the number of reflections significantly increases and the angles of their scattering around the room expand. Under a layer of glass hide 4 lamps stylized as old candles. Dressed in gold, they add a yellow tint to the light, adding warmth and luxury to the interior. For connoisseurs of the extraordinary, the manufacturer created this model in black, gold and chrome colors in different diameters.


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