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A ceiling chandelier is an indispensable attribute of every room. When choosing it, physical and technical parameters are taken into account, but a ceiling chandelier is most often chosen for its appearance. It is the appearance and style of decoration that help create the right atmosphere in the room. An exquisite chandelier with an unusual decoration is a means of illuminating and decorating a room, emphasizing its originality and sophistication.

The base in the form of a metal circle is decorated with gold. It’s as if a golden ring hangs over the room, wondering what exactly needs to be done with it. Around the circle there are closed round shades, half of golden metal, half of white frosted glass. The shiny, golden, metallic elements of the chandelier are convex and look heavy. Acrylic butterflies are placed on the upper part of the base, which seem to hold the weight on their delicate wings. The illusion of movement and naturalness is the main focus of this chandelier. The large translucent wings of butterflies have a light animal pattern, thanks to which the insects look as if they are alive. It is convenient to choose a wall sconce, a table lamp or even a whole flock of butterflies on suspensions for such a chandelier. It will turn the room into a blooming meadow in which every dream comes true.


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