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A ceiling chandelier is a magnificent decoration of every room. The choice of lighting devices is often determined by their appearance and general style of decoration. A stylish and neat chandelier with a metal base will be a neat addition to a modern interior. Light style, without unnecessary trinkets and openwork elements, adds free space. It is as if a light breeze of peace and coolness permeates the entire structure of the chandelier. Thin long lines of the base of the chandelier, decorated in matte black color, advantageously emphasize all straight lines in the room – from the contours of the walls to the edges of furniture and appliances. The shades of the chandelier are placed on long rods, thanks to which the chandelier looks large, but airy. The bars are located at right angles to the base and spaced at different heights. As if 2 separate circles are described around the base. On the edges of the bars are placed closed round shades made of white frosted glass. The combination of black and white colors makes the chandelier itself and the entire interior around it more expressive and bright, advantageously emphasizing the lightest and darkest elements in the room. The chandelier does not look too heavy, so in a large room it may be appropriate to use even several such devices.


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