Black chandelier on a rod with white shades 4768/12


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The unusual design of the ceiling chandelier attracts attention and emphasizes the overall style of the room decoration. A modern stylish chandelier of the 4768 series with 12 lamps is like a constellation of big stars. They circle around the base and try to create a new figure on the skyward side of the room. The slender metal base is complemented by elegant, elegant perpendicular bars. This design is large enough, but airy and delicate. She seems to float above the room, holding on to the current of the wind. The bars are arranged in two layers, like a large spider that has spread its legs over the entire room in an effort to illuminate it. At the end of each rod there is a large round ceiling. The contrast between the thin metal frame and the round glass ceiling creates a unique atmosphere of beauty and sophistication. Thin elements and straight lines of the interior seem to be emphasized by the shapes of the base, and rounded and wavy are harmoniously combined with the shape of the ceiling lights. The black base contrasts favorably with the white lampshades, at the same time favorably shading the most contrasting light and dark objects in the room. The stylish, unusual design will make this chandelier a great addition to any modern interior, home or office.


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