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As choose chandelier

At choosing chandeliers must consider row parameters, such as:

  • area room, which must highlight chandelier;
  • height ceiling;
  • appointment room;
  • Availability additional lighting;
  • style.

Below we touch each points more deployed.

So, area room. From area room It depends diameter used lamp, than more area – the more diameter lamp us required.  For areas before 18 square.м  fit fixtures diameter 50-60 cm, for area before 26 square.m – 70-80 cm and t.d.  Important not take too small chandelier, that she is not “lost”, and , not too great – that not “crushed”.

Following parameter,which the affect on selection chandeliers – height ceiling. From height ceiling It depends the, which height chandelier we will to choose. For ceiling before 2,7 м  we recommend припотолочные chandeliers or споты. Припотолочные chandeliers are:

  • crystal
  • from lampshade
  • галогеновые
  • plafond

At our shop “”, presents variety crystal ceiling chandeliers, different diameters, colors, shape and style. Благодаря  that,what all our chandeliers completed only high-quality cut glass, from cut not below “eXCLUSIVE”, they will that “twist” your his interior, which will be you please many years.About crystal люстрах can write a lot of, but as they say, better one time see…

Chandeliers from lampshade, as rule, used those areas, at which must get “soft”, “relaxing” shine. This can be bedroom, room recreation and t.d.

Галогеновые chandeliers found his примение relatively recently. Thanks miniature лампам, and more светоотдаче,than at conventional lamps incandescent, галогеновые chandeliers Will bring new stream at your interior. At last thing time, such chandeliers, at mostly, are used from remote control management and have several regimes glow. This It allows use their as and at children rooms, So and at гостинных, bedrooms, kitchens, холлах,and t.d. Имея  range glow, maximally approximate to lamp incandescent, галогеновые chandeliers highly interesting look from crystal.

Worthily look on low ceilings – ceiling. Having different shape, Colour and diameter, ceiling help highlight any, by area, room, a thanks his short height – visually expand space.


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