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    Люмен (designation: lm, lm) — unit measurement light flow at СИ
One люмен is light flow, испускаемому точечным изотропным source, c by force Sveta, of equal one канделе, at bodily angle value at one стерадиан (1 lm = 1 cd * cf.). Full light flow, created изотропным source, from by force Sveta one Candela, is 4пи люменам.
     Световой flow — physical value, характеризующая «quantity» light energy at appropriate stream radiation. Other words, this power this radiation, which available for perceptions normal human eye.
Light flow typical sources

Lamp incandescent 40 Tue 415—460 lm
Lamp incandescent 60 Tue 790—830 lm
Lamp incandescent 100 Tue 1550—1630 lm
Lamp incandescent 200 Tue 2860—2960 lm
Газоразрядная lamp 35 Tue (“automobile xenon”) 3000—3400 lm
Люминесцентная lamp 40 Tue 2480 lm
The sun 3,8*10 at 28 lm
     Цветовая temperature (спектрофотометрическая or колориметрическая temperature) — characteristic progress intensities radiation source Sveta as function length waves at optical range. According to formula Lath color temperature determined as temperature absolutely black the body, at which it emits radiation it the same color colors , what and The radiation. Characterizes relative contribution radiation this colors at radiation source, visible Colour source. Apply at колориметрии, astrophysics (at learning distribution energy at спектрах stars). Measured at кельвинах and миредах.Color temperature source Sveta:

  • characterizes spectral composition radiation source Sveta,
  • is an foundation objectivity impression from colors reflecting objects and sources Sveta.

By these reasons she is determines perceived eye Colour items at observation at this light of (psychology perceptions colors).
At communication from the, what Colour object It depends and from him own spectral properties, and from character lighting, at technology стандартизуют most common sources Sveta before Total by color temperature.

Color temperature

Scale color temperatures common sources Sveta

800 To — Start visible dark-red glow incandescent Phone;
1500—2000 To — shine fire candles;
2000 To — sodium lamp of high pressure;
2200 To — lamp incandescent 40 Tue;
2680 To — lamp incandescent 60 Tue;
2800 To — lamp incandescent 100 Tue (vacuum lamp);
2800—2854 To — газонаполненные lamp incandescent from tungsten spiral;
3000 To — lamp incandescent 200 Tue, галогенная lamp;
3200—3250 To — typical киносъёмочные lamp;
3400 To — The sun at horizon;
3800 To — lamp, used for backlight meat products at shop (have increased content red colors at spectrum);
4000 To — lamp day Sveta (cold white shine);
4500—5000 To — ксеноновая дуговая lamp, electric arc;
5000 To — morning The sun;
5500 To — straight solar day shine at noon, clouds;
5500—5600 To — flash;
5600—7000 To — lamp day Sveta;
6200 To — close to daylight shine;
6500 To — standard a source day white Sveta, close to полуденному sunlight light;
6500—7500 To — cloudiness;
7500 To — day shine, from big shares scattered from clean blue heaven;
7500—8500 To — fog;
9000—12000 To — blue cloudless sky on Northern party before sunrise The sun;
10000 To — a source Sveta from «endless temperature», used at reef-aquariums (актиничный shade blue colors);
15000—27000 To — clear blue sky on Northern party Sveta.

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