Wall lamp Rybka white LED 4037/1w-S


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The variety of lighting devices transferred them from the section of household appliances to the section of decorations and interior elements. In many cases, where in the end it would be possible to do without additional lighting, small wall or table lamps are installed. But they are installed because it is convenient and simply beautiful. It is the appearance that often becomes decisive in choosing a wall sconce, because its movement requires a stable attachment to the wall.
Flat elegant sconce 4037 is a bright example of modern originality. A small matte sconce gives a soft diffused light, thanks to which it can be used as a night light. Located along the wall, the sconce does not take up much space. Made of translucent plastic, it seems to glow from within. The central part of the fish is made of white metal, it is not transparent, but it adds elegance and delicacy to the lamp. The white color makes the device almost invisible on light walls and a bright decoration in darkened areas. Such a sconce is perfectly combined with almost all styles of interiors and becomes their delicate decoration.


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