Sconce with swivel shade and shelf black 4398/1w BK


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Lighting devices are used in every room where human labor is required. A person needs lighting, even in daylight, in order to perform his tasks as clearly and correctly as possible. The type of device is chosen depending on functionality, location, lighting intensity and appearance. If in industrial and production premises devices are chosen based on functional characteristics, then residential premises often try not only to illuminate, but also to decorate.
An extraordinary sconce in a metal case with a rotating shade is a unique work of modern urban art. Made in black, it looks extremely stylish and even luxurious. The spherical opaque shade does not allow light to disperse, concentrating the light beam. A small shelf allows you to place trinkets that are constantly needed at hand. There is also a USB connector on the base – now you can charge your phone, flashlight, e-book while sitting right in your favorite chair or relaxing in a warm bath. everything depends on the location of the sconce.


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