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EN Indoor lighting plays an important role. Therefore, lighting devices are chosen not only for their technical characteristics, but also for their appearance. Ceiling chandeliers are usually the basis of lighting and should definitely be in every room. Wall lamps can be used as the main source of artificial lighting only in a low long room or a small room. Mostly, wall sconces are used to illuminate the work or rest area, above the bed or chair, as a night lamp.

The wall lamp from Poman has a semi-circular base on which thin elongated crystal pendants are placed. The metal base is decorated in black matte color, which makes it look stylish and luxurious. Straight hangers with an outer convex seam create a large number of faces, due to which the amount of glare increases. The suspensions are arranged in several rows in a cascade, as if an ice half-circle melts and flows down, becoming thinner with each new layer. A multi-layer sconce will decorate the interior and add notes of coziness and elegance to it. The sconce will be an ideal addition to the crystal ceiling chandelier.


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