LED sconce with butterflies, in gold


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Bright and gentle lamp, has pleasant warm lighting. The lamp is suitable for bedrooms and children’s rooms. The lamp gives the room sophistication and gentle atmosphere.

A person uses various devices to light the house. In a living room, general lighting is not always necessary. It is much more common and more comfortable for a person to use partial lighting, both bright and soft. The first allows you to work, study or do small jobs. Soft lighting is used to create relaxation areas – in the bedroom, over an upholstered chair, over a sofa or other comfortable location. It is under soft light that it is most comfortable to rest after a hard day, wake up in the morning, scroll through social media feeds.
The original sconce with butterflies will please those who are looking for coziness and originality for their room. The elongated shape makes the light spot larger, and the appearance of the sconce more stylish. Illumination on the oval is an original solution that attracts attention. Two large butterflies with translucent acrylic wings look delicate and elegant. Thanks to the embossed pattern on the wings, it looks like the wings are also glowing. It was as if the butterflies had brought a warm light with them and sat down to rest for a few minutes, only to soon take flight again.


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