Sconce “Seagull” black 4432/1w BK


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Wall sconces are a great option for partial lighting of the room. They are used as additional lighting in corners of the room or above the stairs. The design of such a lamp should be harmoniously combined with the main source of light in the room, the general style of its decoration, the presence of other additional sources and decorative elements. The black acrylic wall lamp of the manufacturer Poman has a stylish perfect shape. Straight lines and sharp edges in combination with a shiny glossy surface create a mysterious image of a seagull or a standard “tick”. The sconce does not give bright light, rather illuminating a small space near the wall itself. The light beam can be directed up, down or to the side, depending on specific needs. A combination of such sconces in small groups on the wall above the bed, along transitions or in darkened places looks very harmonious. At the same time, the direction of light creates an additional figurative decoration of the wall and the entire room.
The black color fits well into every modern interior, emphasizing its dark details. When the light is turned on, the shade does not become transparent. The sconce can be combined with similar black or white lamps from this series.


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