Wall lamp in bronze 3506/2w


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Wall lamps are an indispensable element of the interior of every bedroom. They can also become a necessary component of lighting in the living room or corridor. Sconces with two lamps give more light, creating not one, but two compatible spots of lighting, giving the opportunity to relax with books at the same time for two, and sometimes more, people.
The metal base of the color of antique bronze is curved with strange curls, like the branches of a flexible unknown plant. On the horns of this plant, transparent glass flowers are raised up, the core of which are lamps stylized as silver candles. The flowers seem to open on purpose to catch as much light as possible from the lamps and scatter it throughout the room. Under each flower are placed transparent crystal drops of pendants, decorated with a large number of small faces. These pendants give whole clouds of multi-colored gentle reflections, adding elegance and sophistication to the whole structure. Such a sconce will fit perfectly both into the cozy atmosphere of Provence and into the brilliant high-tech, bringing its special charm to every room.


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