Two-tiered honey glass chandelier 3697/8+4 NC


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Number of blobs



80 cm


75 cm





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E 14


40 W




Two-tier ceiling chandeliers are an extremely stylish and effective way to illuminate a large room. If you need to emphasize the majesty and beauty of an exquisite interior, then a two-tier chandelier will be an excellent choice. The height of the chandelier and the spacing of the lamps significantly increases the area of illumination.
The chandelier has a metal base that seems to have been immersed in liquid warm light, which has become its reliable shell. A thin layer of honey glass envelops the metal and creates a soft reflection over the entire surface of the structure. The central part is like a fairy-tale amphora, which stores the source of light and only gradually releases it to the outside. In two tiers from the base, warm, honeyed, amazingly curved horns extend upward, carrying lamps stylized as candles. Chrome candles are accented with transparent saucers that seem to be waiting for drops of hot wax. And although the chandelier contains 8 lamps on the lower and 4 on the upper tiers, the large amount of glass adds to their lightness and tenderness. as if a weightless light froze in the center of the ceiling.
This chandelier is suitable for large rooms or spaces where high-quality and luxurious lighting is needed. It will be a great addition to the classic interior in warm colors, adding charm and elegance to it.


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