Double transparent glass pendant 20 cm


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Number of blobs



45 см


20 cm





Blob type

G 9


40 W




An exquisite pendant for harmonious lighting of the room is a wonderful interior decoration and a useful lighting device. It will not be enough to fully illuminate a large room, or even a medium-sized room, but as an additional light source, it will easily become a wonderful decoration of the interior. From the outside, the pendant is covered with a round ceiling made of transparent glass, open from below, thanks to which it gives a lot of light. In the middle there is one lamp on a golden ceiling. The inner ceiling is divided into long, thin sections, like the petals of an elegant flower encased in glass. It was as if it had sprung up specifically to let some light into this world. Such a pendant looks extremely gentle and elegant, creates a comfortable illuminated area above the table, favorite chair or chair. Under such a ceiling, the most amazing ideas are born, bright images are created, and pleasant acquaintances take place. This is a place for your favorite hobby or main job, which is so comfortable and cozy. For full lighting, such pendants are placed in groups at different heights. It’s like a bouquet of delicate flowers that shakes its light down, along with warmth, coziness and unique beauty.


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