Pendant “Ball” made of glass 20 cm gold 4376/200 GD


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Number of blobs



40 см


20 cm





Blob type

E 27


40 W




The pendant ceiling chandelier with original decoration in golden shades is a luxurious and stylish variation of the lighting device. It will add elegance and charm to your interior. The main part of this chandelier is a ball-shaped glass shade with a diameter of 20 cm, which allows the light to spread around the room, bringing with it warm golden reflections.
The inner surface of the lampshade is covered with gold dusting, dense in the center and softer closer to the edges. Thanks to this distribution, the edge of the glass ball remains transparent, which allows light to freely pass through it and diffuse gently around the room, giving it shine and luxury. On the glass ball there are golden overlays, like petals, gently enveloping the shiny center. As an additional layer of detail to the entire chandelier design. The height of the suspension of 40 cm allows the light to spread as effectively as possible exactly where it has the greatest impact on human perception.
The pendant is optimally suitable for luxurious interiors, in which it is important to create an atmosphere of elegance and luxury. It will harmoniously fit into the interior of large cozy rooms – guest rooms, large dining rooms or even ballrooms.


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