Pendant “Ball” made of glass 25 cm in chrome 4376/250 CR


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45 см


25 cm





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E 27


40 W




The variety of ceiling chandeliers and suspensions gives a wide space for choice and allows you to choose the option that best suits this interior. The glass ball on the suspension is an elegant and modern lighting device, the design of which can add a special charm to any modern interior.
A large glass ball with a diameter of 25 cm serves as the lampshade of the chandelier. The ball is made of polished smooth glass and has a shiny chrome coating. The intensity of spraying decreases from the center to the edges, leaving the lower part of the shade transparent, thanks to which the light is directed to the lower part of the room as much as possible, without concentrating in a small spot from the open lampshade. The suspension, on which the glass ball is located, is also made in chrome, which gives the impression that it is spread with silver, thicker than the ceiling. This adds elegance and style to the chandelier.
Such a pendant provides stylish lighting and becomes a real decoration of both home and public spaces. The shiny chrome coating on the glass ball creates an interesting gradient of light, which will add more depth and sophistication to the interior.


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