Wall lamp “Eclipse” 30 cm


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30 cm

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5 W


Good lighting is important for a person, but much more is now valued not for beauty, but for convenience. Convenience is determined not so much by the directionality and intensity of light, but by its sufficiency for performing certain tasks. Modern lighting devices should be not only functional, but also beautiful, advantageously emphasizing both their appearance and the overall style of the room decoration.
A small stylish wall lamp 4840 is made of white acrylic. the relief surface seems to bulge under the influence of light, covered with shades of crimson and yellow. Imitation of blackout is achieved thanks to a large black circle in the center of the design. The LED lamp does not give a bright glow, but it creates a cloud of soft gentle light, providing an opportunity to fully relax after a hard day. The sconce is easily combined with other lighting devices in white, black colors or all shades of the warm spectrum of light. “Blackout” will easily become the center of attention even with the lights turned off.


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