Sconce gray with patina single 50221/1w SBL


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blue + patina



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E 14


40 W




Trying to decorate his home, a person is able to accumulate beautiful impractical things in it, but this does not apply to lighting. After all, these tools do not just decorate the room, they create a special atmosphere in it. A corner of comfort and convenience is created under a small lighting device.
Wall sconces are a means of creating a place for rest or work in the dark. Small in size, they give quite a lot of light and become a bright element of the interior that attracts attention. A stylish metal sconce is decorated in white and decorated with a relief pattern. To strengthen the picture, the relief is decorated with darkened strokes of gray color to match the patina. Thanks to this emphasis, the sconce looks like an old work of art. The floral motifs of the sconce are complemented by its exquisite forms. As if the curved branches of an unusual plant, they raise up a single lamp, stylized as a candle. A large ball under the lamp, like a ripening fruit and about to crumble into pieces of ripened seeds. Such sconces can be used both individually and in groups.


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