Pendant with turning lights in gold 4740/1


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Additional information

Number of blobs



50 см


20 cm





Blob type



6 W


A well-lit and well-lit room surprises and captivates at first sight. It looks more neat, adapted for living or working, smart and ready to receive a person. Choosing the right lighting fixtures can be very difficult, because they are so different in size, structure, style and many other indicators. Suspensions are actively used to illuminate rooms almost on a level with chandeliers, but they take up much less space on the ceiling and in space, often illuminate smaller rooms, and are harmoniously combined in large or small groups. Pendants can be a good addition to the main large chandelier in the room or illuminate a dark corner in a complex room shape. The pendant will fit well into a modest or luxurious interior, decorate one corner or the whole room. The pendant has transparent luminous blades rotating around a golden base. In order to illuminate a large room, you can use a group of pendants or even compositions from their groups. Stylish and modern transformer lamp, will decorate the bedside area, or fit perfectly as a mirror illumination.


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