Pendant “Ball” made of glass 25 cm in copper 4376/250 COOPER


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Number of blobs



45 см


25 cm





Blob type

E 27


40 W




A ceiling chandelier, as an indispensable attribute of every room, can have different shapes and colors, but all of them are intended not just for lighting, but also for decorating office, residential and public spaces. The ceiling chandelier in the form of a glass ball on a suspension is an impressive design in terms of its beauty and style, created to add elegance and luxury to every room. The suspension has an open lower part, which allows the light not only to go down, but also to diffuse through the lower part of the room, creating a pleasant and cozy atmosphere.
The ceiling of the chandelier is a glass ball, open from below. The inside of the ball is covered with a honey-like glossy spray. The spray is dense in the center and tapers towards the edges, leaving the lower edges transparent. Such tinting creates a special play of light and provides excellent dispersion of light in all directions. The pendant gently reflects honey spray, which makes it not only a beautiful source of light, but also a beautiful addition to the interior. The color of honey is perfectly combined with various design styles, from classic to modern, it creates a warm, cozy atmosphere in any room.


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