LED chandelier 80 cm, above the table, black


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Transform your dining area with our black LED chandelier, specially designed to be placed above the table. This elegant and stylish chandelier will become a striking accent in your interior, providing not only effective lighting, but also a unique design.


Type: Hanging LED Chandelier
Dimensions: Length 80 cm
Black color
Location: Designed to be installed above a desk
Style: Modern, Elegant
Material: Metal-silicone
Light source: Built-in LED strip
Adjustment: Possibility to adjust the brightness and temperature of the glow

Our 80 cm LED chandelier in black is a modern solution for illuminating your desk. Its elegant design and black hue blend perfectly with a variety of interiors, adding sophistication and style to the room.

The unique design of this chandelier makes it an ideal choice to be placed above the dining table. LED lights provide bright yet soft lighting, creating a cozy and subdued atmosphere for your lunches and dinners.

In addition, the ability to adjust the brightness and temperature of the glow allows you to create the ideal atmosphere according to your preferences and mood.

Let our LED chandelier become not only a source of light, but also a stylish element of your interior. Provide your space with modern lighting with our black chandelier over the table.


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