LED chandelier 100 cm, above the island, black


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Bring your vision of a modern interior to life with our black LED chandelier, specially designed to fit over your kitchen island. This stylish and functional chandelier will make a statement in your kitchen, providing not only bright lighting but also a sophisticated design.


Type: Hanging LED Chandelier
Dimensions: Length 100 cm
Black color
Location: Designed to be installed above a kitchen island
Style: Modern, Elegant
Material: Metal-silicone
Light Source: Built-in LEDs
Adjustment: Possibility to adjust the brightness and temperature of the glow

Our 100cm LED chandelier in black is the perfect solution for lighting up your kitchen island. Its modern design and black hue create an impressive contrast and add elegance to your kitchen.

The unique design of this chandelier allows it to be used as a focal point, drawing attention to the kitchen island and creating a cozy atmosphere around it. LED bulbs provide bright and even illumination, making this chandelier an ideal choice for culinary preparations and evening gatherings with family and friends.

In addition, the ability to adjust the brightness and temperature of the glow allows you to create an atmosphere that perfectly suits your needs and mood at any time of the day.

Let our LED chandelier become an integral part of your modern kitchen interior. Provide your space with stylish and functional lighting with our black chandelier over the island.


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