Large round chandelier made of small chains 4264/D800 CR


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70 cm


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45 W




A long time ago, a large chandelier was considered a sign of greatness, luxury and great wealth, because its maintenance required a lot of human effort and time to maintain it and keep it clean. A large number of small elements and their flawless shine were considered mandatory, which required careful constant care. Modern chandeliers are lighter, more comfortable, more ergonomic and do not require such heavy maintenance. The vast majority of twisted rooms are much smaller, and therefore most chandeliers have much smaller dimensions. Modern models are fashionable, elegant and very bright. And it is sometimes quite difficult to choose one out of many possible ones.
A large chandelier lampshade with a circular base has a diameter of 80 cm and a height of 70 cm. The LED lamp provides several lighting modes and is extremely economical and convenient to use. The lightweight aluminum base is surrounded by thin chains located along the entire length of the base. The chandelier is decorated with chrome and casts silver reflections in the farthest corners of the room. The chains have different lengths and when the light is on, it seems that they also sparkle, as if the light flows down smoothly. Such a chandelier can be used to decorate both a modest, laconic and luxurious interior.


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